Poetry Publications

"On Seeing, Too Close." SLAB 13 (2018) In press.

"To Invent What We Desire" Third Wednesday. In press.

"matchbox sparrow" [haiku first line]. Three Line Poetry 45 (2017). Prolific Press.

Three poems ("Four Words of the Apocalypse," "Eleusinian Mystery," "Diving In"). The Spectacle 4 (2017).

"The Fall" and "The Art of Love." Sheila-Na-Gig 1.4 (Summer 2017).

"Yes, people suffer" [tanka first line]. Tanka Journal 5 (2017). Prolific Press.

"Persephone in Summer" and "What Hands Ask of Stone." The Offbeat. (Fall 2017, vol. 18)

"Blue Spruce." Kansas City Voices 14 (2017). Whispering Prairie Press.

"Sonic Booms" and "Things That Bite or Drag You Underground." South Florida Poetry Journal (SoFloPoJo, May 2017)

"Sgraffito." Print-Oriented Bastards 11 (2017).

"A Murder of Crows." SLAB 12 (2017).

Some Gods Don't Need Saints, 19-poem chapbook, Finishing Line Press. 2015 New Women's Voices Chapbook Competition semifinalist. (2016).

"Maumee River, High Water" and "Behind a Wooden Window." Old Northwest Review (Fall 2015).

"Feuding Clans." The Comstock Review (Fall/Winter 2015). 

"Marble Love." Abyss & Apex (Oct 2015).

"Planet of Chairs." Cold Mountain Review 43.2 (Spring 2015).

"At Toul Sleng, Dec. 2005." Pudding Magazine 63 (2015).

"Muddy World." MidAmerica 40 (2013): 13-15. The winner of the 2013 Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize.

"Bleached Wheat." The Cleveland Reader. July 2007.

Embroidered Bodies collection of four poems (“Embroidery,” “Miriam, Bitter Sea,” “Sin of the Cyborg,” and “Job, Fresh from Cyberspace”). "Digital Eves: Transgression/Transcendence in Cyberspace" issue of WomenWriters.net. Jan. 2007. http://www.womenwriters.net/digitaleves/harper.html

"Deaf Enough." New England Review 13.2 (1991). 181-82. A Winner of Associated Writing Programs "Intro Award for Poetry" (1990).

Five untitled poems in Masque 1.1 (1991). 60-64.

"The Blue Vase." Bozeman Er 6 June 1986. 3-4.

Poetry Manuscripts

Before the Scattered Clutch, 459-line dramatic monologue.

Earning Apocalypse, book-length collection.

Weaver's Kin: The Quarrel over Philomel, a drama in four voices.

Leave the Casket Open, chapbook.

The Untamed Grave of Us, chapbook.

Pulling Wings Off Onions, chapbook.

Stories to Misremember, chapbook.

Spelunking for Persephone, chapbook.

Surprising the God of Motion, chapbook.


"Festival of Language" reading. Griffith, IN: Small Prestivus 2016, 23 July 2016. Reading of works in progress on the myth of Persephone.

"The Festival of Language: A Reading Experiment."  Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference, 4 June 2016. A reading by a group of poets, orchestrated by Jane Carman.

"Leave the Casket Open." Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference, 3 June 2016. A performance of sorts, a ritual of sorts, this reading is a creative expression of the grieving process when a family member has died.

"Apocalypse of the Anthropocene." Seattle, WA: National Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association, 24 Mar. 2016. A study of the Greek roots of "apocalypse" in relation to the bio-geologic Anthropocene age, our current age of human control and disruption of the natural environment.

"Stories to Misremember. " Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference, 31 May 2015. A set of poems that address the condition of memory shifting over time and question the purpose of memory in the human lifecycle.

"To Misremember or Forget the World." New Orleans, MS: Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, 2 Apr. 2015. Draws on two collections of poems to expose the relationships among individual self interest, the overwhelming needs of others, and the juggernaut of "human condition" forces.

"SwampFire Author’s Visit" poetry reading. Defiance, OH: Defiance Public Library, 31 Jan. 2015. Part of the "Adult Winter Series" sponsored by Ohio Arts Council and Defiance Public Library.

"Forever Collection." Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference, 9 May 2014. Examines the problem of human memory, including processes of misremembering events, seeking to remember clearly, and even identifying events better left un-remembered or "thrown away." 

"Pulling Wings Off Onions." Chicago, IL: National Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, 18 Apr. 2014. Second half of a book-length collection of poems on the complex intergenerational relationships within a family. (See entry below for first half.)

"Pulling Wings Off Onions." Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference, 9 May 2013. Poetry from the first half of a collection on intergenerational family relationships, presented in the form of dramatic monologues, soliloquies, and commentary on world-community attitudes.

Public SwampFire Reading with four other area professional writers. Defiance, OH. 510 Studio and Art Academie, 1 Apr 2012.

"Only Wild Women and Visionaries." Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature Conference, 10 May 2010.

“As the Heavens Spin Open.” Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, 15 May 2010.
A poetry reading on a “clan of heavy weather and thin lips.”

Public reading at “Unfettered Poetry and Story Night.” Defiance, OH: Defiance Public Library, 23 Mar 2010.

“There’s Sense in Our Poetry.”  Lansing, MI: The HerStories Project (funded by MSU Center for Poetry, Michigan Women’s Historical Center, and other Michigan organizations), 13 Mar 2010.
Workshop using objects of the natural world as prompts for entering poetic and spiritual space.

“Outside Inside Poems.” Lansing, MI: Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature, 9 May 2009.
A poetry reading/media presentation of creative intersections between geographical place and psychological space.

Four Public Readings at “Cabin Fever.” Defiance, OH: Fall 2003.

"A Quarrel of Voices." Reader's theater production. Bowling Green, OH: Feminist Generations: Interdisciplinary International Women's Studies Conference, 3 February 1996.

Poetry Reading at the Black Swamp Arts Festival, Bowling Green , OH: Sept. 1994.

Poetry Reading at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH: March 1989.